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Monday, August 27, 2012

Third day: Renting a studio

After have seeing the studios and rooms the day before, I began to be discouraged about not finding anything better and I almost saw myself living in some of them. After going to see a study in the morning, where the woman who rented out didn´t appear and who also didn´t speak English (rare in Leuven), I decided to go to the agency Globiss, just to see what could they show me. Well, a failure again ¬ ¬ This time, the guy who greeted us told us that there were no rooms or studios available at that time, everything was rented and maybe there would be more accomodation in September. Anyway, it seemed that fate, or something like that,  pushed us to spend that year living in Parijstraat, in the study we saw the first day that we arrived in the city.

So, that afternoon, we made an appointment with Rita, the owner, who showed us again the two studios that were available and after forming the conditions of the contract, what was included and what was not, and once we have read carefully same in both English and Dutch, we signed. We already had a place to live when we got in September :) Also, Rita invited us to a yogur at the Llao Llao store in Oude Markt. I did not know, but is a company from Murcia, Spain, which is giving the jump to Europe. And also they have an establishment in Seville. Now I have to find out where it is in my city :P

 The contract was the model that the KU Leuven gives to the owners, which is something that gives you some assurance. You have to sign two copies: one in English, in order to know  know what you are signing, and one in Dutch, which is what really has legal value.

We were so happy to have found accommodation, so we went to have dinner to celebrate it. We ate mussels and French fries, a Belgian standard dinner xD We had dinner at a restaurant called Notre Dame, in Naamsestraat, and the truth is that the mussels were incredible. Really awesome. Served them in the same pot where they were cooked, with celery and onions. After dinner, we went for a beer at the Rock Café in Oude Markt, the bar with heavy metal atmosphere in Leuven and I could finally be in my world again \ m / The place is great, good music and good beer, although somewhat higher prices than in Seville, as is normal beyond our borders, but never mind. As I have said, I liked the site and if everything goes well I will go over there many more times : P

Upon arrival at the hostel I contacted my cousin, who has been as Erasmus student in Liege this year and he is now working in a campsite nearby. We agreed to meet the following day at Leuven, because he did not know the city, and go in the afternoon to eat in Brussels. In the next post tell you as we went that way;)

Keep on rockin´! \ m /